Poems on Several Occasions


The Poet's Apology for Rhyming
Advice to a Friend
Epistle to R***** B***s
A Wish
Epistle to A. R****n, a Lawyer on Clyde
Observations on the D___s and H___n B__k
On a bad Lambing Time, April 1782
A Query after Happiness
Reflections on Hogmannai
The Poet's Farewell to his Native Country
Men complain of the shortness of Time
Advice to a young Friend
Time, how thoughtlessly we let it pass
On the inconsideration of many in entering into wedlock
To the praise of Charity
Man's Creation and Fall
Natural Observations on our first Parents eating the Forbidden Fruit
The right Honorable, the Earl of Dundonald's welcome to Ayrshire
Lines put upon a Post leading to the TarWork at Muirkirk, 1786
Honest John's opinion of Patronage
The Herd and Dog
Thoughts on the uncertainty of Human Life
To the memory of ------- who died in his Youth
On the distressed Condition of Honest Farmers
On Miss ------ an amiable young Lady
On Melancholy
On Solitude
The Joys of Home after Disappointments
On Emulation
On a haughty proud person of malevolent disposition
The real Gentleman
The Happy man
The well-meaning Jobber's Lamentation
On Back-biting and Falsehood
On Ridicule
The foolishness of desiring applause
Contentment, the joy it yields
Virtue, how pleasant on Reflection
The Devil's Answer to the Poet's Address
Song 1. Tune, Over the hills and far away
Song 2. Tune, Johnny's Grey Breeks
Song 3. Tune, Ewe-bughts Marion
Song 4. 
Song 5. Tune, Randly House
Song 6. Tune, An thou wert my ain thing
Song 7. Tune, Wat ye wha I met yestreen.
Song 8. Tune, Lochaber no more.
Song 9. Tune, My Nanny O
Song 10. Tune, Gilderoy
Song 11. Tune, Gilderoy
Song 12. Tune, Broom of Cowdenknows
Song 13. Tune, O'er the moor amang the heather
Song 14. Tune, Tweedside
Song 15. Tune, ---------------
Song 16. Tune, Allan Water
Song 17. Tune, Roslin Castle
Song 18. Tune, Bonny Jean
Song 19. Tune, Johnny's Grey Breeks
Song 20. Tune, Banks of Banna
Song 21. Tune,
An Empty Pocket easily known

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