LAMENTED Youth, and only Son!
He's join'd the silent dead!
He's gone to shun the life that's vain!
No woes he now can dread!

Had Fate but spar'd the blooming Youth,
His valour for to show,
Ancestor-like his mighty strenth
Might struck dread on his foe!

Since he receiv'd the fatal blow,
Torn from parental care,
Great consolation hence may flow;
He greater joys may share!

In life there's nought but pain and wo,
And dread of what may come;
But now from care and strife he's free;
His refuge is yon tomb!

His lovely form, and glossy eye,
Now fade in yon cold grave!
He's veil'd in darkness, there to lie,
Till he ascend above!

His Parents cannot speak the wo
They in their bosoms feel!
To see their only son laid low,
Whom they did love so well!

Each virtue that commands applause,
He fully did possess;
Each charm that admiration draws,
He had, all must confess!

That Spoiler came, with fatal haste,
And laid his beauties low!
Likewise laid all his glories waste,
With one tremendous blow!

Thus fall the flow'rs, when they're full blown,
Upon the vernal fields!
Each has its morning and it's noon,
And each to Nature yields!

The frost doth nip the sweetest flow'rs
That e'er on fields yet grew;
Their leaves decay, they disappear,
No more refresh'd by dew!

E P I T A P H.

HERE lies the Youth, to rest consign'd,
Whose breast with virtue glow'd;
Who did possess a god-like mind;
Whose heart with bounty flow'd!

His manners good, his soul refin'd,
Sweet passions him inspir'd;
He lov'd his GOD, his King, and Friend,
By all men still admir'd!

From his dear friends he's now removed,
Enjoys what keen he sought:
Honor'd by all, by all belov'd--
May Youths by him be taught!


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