ON MISS ------



GOOD -------- -------- is my toast,
The prettiest Girl in all the West:
I with her charms am fully blest;
Oh! what I feel!
Of Ayr-shire Ladies she's the best
And most genteel!

Her eyes they pierce each heart with love,
More beautiful than those of the Dove;
Her ev'ry word my soul does move;
My heart doth pant:
She's formed ev'ry joy to prove;
She'll Lords enchant.

Her airs are all both grave and sweet;
In her perfections all do meet:
She on her limbs does walk so neat,
And dance so just;
Faith! she may please a German Count
Of nicest taste.

Her voice, so sweet, doth charm the ear
Of ev'ry one who does it hear;
'Tis so melodious and clear,
Nought can't excell;
Thrice happy shall the man be, sure,
Who get her shall!

Yet though her outward shew be good,
Her inward parts do far exceed;
She, mother-like, the poor does feed,
And all in want;
She's aye well pleas'd, and in good mood,
And aye content.

She's both good-natur'd and humane;
She dresses decently, though plain;
Though ser'ous, she does not disdain,
In cheerful mood,
To crack a joke or sing a song;
She's not a prude.

Who'er her sees must still admire
Her Maker, who did her insprire;
Her virtues ne'er can raise her higher
Than the first Cause:
I leav'n make her good, and wife, and pure,
To keep thy laws!


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