THE Tree of Knowing Good and Ill
Was so impregnated
With poisons vile, which did infect
The offspring that succeeded.

It so intoxicating was,
With qualities so strong,
Our spirits and our humours all
Are bias'd ev'ry one.

From Adam's person and from Eve
Our human body sprang:
Infection still transfus'd itself
Through all the pow'rs of man.

With fermentation still it flows
Through all the human race;
And since we are of Adam's seed
Infection ne'er shall cease.

Yet there's some Clergymen wha tell
That Adam's sin not in us dwells;
An' that it only hurt themsells
Wha did the action:
For since we were not present there,
We brak nae paction.

If we are guilty of Adam's sin,
Let's see then where it did begin:
If Adam's said to be the spring
Where does it rise,
Our souls and bodies must come of him
Without disguise.

What did from Adam really spring,
Was but a generable thing;
While it was so, it could na sin,
It was but matter,
An, under nae law it could be,
So nae transgressor.

They say the Scripture tells us plain,
That GOD made all the souls of men;
An' when they were frae his han ta'en
Were perfect pure:
The question still is unresolv'd
How sin came here.

Adam did only use the means
Which other men do wha get bairns;
That offspring punish'd be for crimes
Their parents did,
Is such a cruelty, that none
Can it exceed.

Some say, 'tis hetrodox and rude:
No fault's in him wha is the head;
Though he should kill all mortals dead,
We must confess the law is good,
We're judged by.

That Adam was a fed'ral head,
They say is evident indeed;
He for himself an' all his seed
Did covenant,
An' did them ev'ry one 'present
In this event.

Known unto GOD was the whole matter,
How Adam soon his stock would scatter:
His Wife and him, when joined together,
Made no delay;
Ambition push'd them on too far;
They were but clay.

A promise made the wound did heal;
He bankrupt was, yet he found bale
A Cautioner, who did not fail,
One without doubt;
Wha satisfi'd the law's demands,
Let Adam out.


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