EXPER'ENCE ev'ry day may learn
How fleeting each thing is below;
Sure bright example shines in vain,
Bids Heav'n suspend the destin'd blow!

Till half extinguish'd and brought low,
Then death awakes from folly's dream;
We learn our wisdom by our wo,
And hang on mercy's ling'ring beam!

All you whose breast with virtue glows
Attend my strain, while me you hear!
You shar'd some bliss, why, share some woes,
Let worth and valour claim a tear!

What vengance waits the imp'ous heart,
When Worth's prest on the early bier?
The heaving breast is doom'd to smart,
While stubborn folly brings on fear!

Man's form'd with soul-ennobling art,
Whose breast enjoys unfull'ed peace,
Whose open hand, and gen'rous heart,
Relieves his friend when in distress!

Man passes through the giddy throng;
Ambition throws the bait for gain:
On eagle's wings he's borne along,
Outflies the storm by Fancy's strain!

On Virtue's eminence, that's high,
Beyond the sun and starry sky,
On nobler objects fix Faith's eye;
'Tis there where joys immortal lie!

No god-like wish e'er soar'd in vain;
Bright Virtue fills with bount'ous mind!
Heav'n's bliss is an immortal gain,
That ornaments the human kind!

What raptures in the bosom roll,
When blest with joy and liberty?
It elevates and fires the soul,
To think it's triumph is on high!

'Tis only Fate's all pow'rful hand,
That has a pow'r our ways to charm,
The King of Terrors to command,
And of his pow'r him to disarm!


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