Blest is that man, whoe'er he be,
Who virtue doth embrace;
Who keeps his heart from pride so free,
That he can live in peace!

Likewise the man who's anxious mind
Is past in a few hours;
Who to the will of Fate's resign'd;
Who's joys dry up his tears!

Also the man that's patient,
'Tis he alone can boast,
No troubles can his mind torment;
He frets not, nor is crost!

Likewise the man who still appears
To love his GOD in truth,
Who crushes all his vain desires,
Nor guile flies from his mouth!

Blest is the man, whose feeling heart
Does share his neighbour's woe,
Who kindly strives for to relieve
The suff'rings of his foe!

He, who's reliev'd from his distress,
Implores th' ALMIGHTY'S aid,
And prays, that mercies shown by such
May not be unrepaid.

He who has pure, candid heart,
Whom GOD in light doth guide,
In it he harbours no deceit
To lead his friends aside.

He's happy, who delights in peace,
And discord cannot bear,
Who labours to cause malice cease;
That man we should revere!

And he whose virtue is so great,
In these corrupted times,
That he resists the torrent great
Of all-prevailing crimes:

His lustre shall outshine great kings,
Who sit upon the throne;
For GOD himself will such regard,
And own him as his son.

Firm in his hope, he keeps his point
Amidst oppressive wrongs;
He fears no scoffs of wicked men,
Nor minds their spiteful tongues.

'Tis such a one whom heav'n will claim,
And take him as it's own,
To where unfading glory reigns,
And doth all virtues crown!


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