FAREWELL, ye dear, delightful fields!
Where first my breath I drew!
Farewell, my much respected Friends!
I bid you all adieu!
For other fields, and other plains,
And other clouds and skies;
For other distant, unknown scenes,
I must sail the seas!


In Spring, which decks the blooming year,
With flow'rs both fresh and gay,
I pull'd those flow'rs that were so fair;
But now, I must away!
I wonder'd at the scene so gay,
With colours of each hue;
In innocence I spent each day,
Yet bid those days adieu!


Oft from the noisy, irksome din
Of bus'ness I retir'd,
And walked in the woods so green,
Or by the river's side!
On Contemplation's airy wing
My raptur'd fancy flew;
But now ye woods, ye charming springs,
I bid you all adieu!


With ease I spent my youthful days;
My Friends they me carest;
Quite free of care, in sports and plays,
I was supremely blest!
I ne'er envi'd the Rich nor Great,
Nor strove them to pursue;
Yet now I leave my native seat,
And bid a long adieu!


When standing on yon riverside,
Where trees and bushes grow,
Where Nature's deck'd in flow'ry pride,
And murm'ring streams do flow,
I listen'd to the pleasing strain
That echo'd through the vale-
No longer here I must remain,
And so I bid farewell!


My time I often have employ'd,
Here to invoke my Muse;
Her aid
I earnestly implor'd
And seldom was refus'd.
I often sought some cool retreat,
My thoughts there to review;
But now I'm forc'd, by cruel Fate,
To bid them all adieu!


I often to some shady grove
Retir'd from the profane;
There I have tri'd, though vain I strove,
To emulate the strain
Of birds that warbled from each bush,
And chant the woods all through;
The Linnet, Blackbird, and the Thrush,
Ye Songsters all, adieu!


My native spot, on banks of AYR,
May sweets adorn thy foil!
Let Nature's blooming face so fair,
Aye bless thee with her smile!
Let flowr's of ev'ry various kind,
Each colour and each hue,
Produce such sweets as fruit the mind
Of ev'ry Friend that's true!


You Friends, who grac'd my little book,
And share my joy and woe,
May health and peace still be your lot,
And wealth still on you flow!
Your friendship I will ne'er forget;
I'll to your mem'ry kneel!
To ev'ry Friend, with aching heart,
I bid a sad farewell!


Unweari'd love, and anxious wish,
Besides parental care,
Do claim a chearful, parting Glass,
With those my Friends who are,
Where we will sing and take farewell,
With hearts both kind and true-
Here must I stop; my heart is full,
GOD bless you all! adieu!


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