C O N T E N T M E N T,


LET man's estate be what it will,
Let him be poor or rich,
Contented he should be with it,
And ne'er for shadows itch.

Content must be a nat'ral wealth,
To men of each degree;
And luxury is nothing but
Art'ficial poverty.

In midst of our unhappy state,
We often should consider,
How much unhappier we might be
Than what we really are;

And cause our cares for aye to be,
Endeav'ring to secure
That happiness which certain is,
And ever shall endure.

Though our misfortune's very great,
And more that we can bear,
Yet still we suffer less than those,
That our's surmounteth far:

And in this case, we never should
Our thankfulness neglect;
And if our leg we chance to break,
Thank God 'tis not our neck.


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