D_____S AND H___N B__K.

IN the year Sixty-nine and Sev'nty,
The Notes amongst men were too plenty:
They took their glass and were right canty;
They little thought,
That plenty, when 'tis misimproven,
Brings men to nought.

The cry went through from poleto pole,
There's credit here for ev'ry soul;
If he's well back'd, without control,
He shall have Money:
'Tis bitter sauce to each one now,
That then was honey.

This credit went o'er all the County;
It was as ready as King's Bounty:
But now there is not one of twenty
That can get rest;
Hornings are going every day,
They're so opprest.

If I might pick some men by name,
Wha did lay out a decent scheme:
They're foolish folk wha those men blame;
For their intention.
Was to ev'ry crown a pound
By this invention.

In midst of their industr'ous scheme,
Their money is requir'd again:
He now is fad wha then was fain;
The secret's kent;
His profits he has not got in,
And's money's spent.

And then what Creditors he has
Come running on him with a blaze;
Each telling that he must have his,
Or caution get;
Then diligence against him goes;
Syne he's laid flat!

Those consequences are so bad,
That many wish they ne'er had had
Such credit; for they're us'd, by G_d!
Not like to men;
Yet seldom own that they themselves
Were much to blame.

Man, Agar's wish, should not exceed,
To pray for what's his daily bread:
Industr'ous he should be indeed
To gain the fame;
But if his bread should scanty be
He none should blame.

Should one, who for some Cent'ries past;
Has been a Laird baith East and Wast,
Make such a volley and a blast,
And say, he'll not
Yield up the cause, though he should die
Upon the spot?

Or why should men ev'n think it strange,
Though PROVIDENCE should make a change?
It can't be said it is revenge,
Though he make a Laird,
Ev'n that man whom we do despise
And disregard.


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